Chiptuning for the new CX-3

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    • Chiptuning for the new CX-3

      Hi all - Denmark calling.
      Sorry for writing in English but my German writing is much worse
      I have the new facelifted CX-3 with the 2.0 Skyactive engine with 121bhp.
      Can you chiptune this engine to more power?
      If yes - who is the best tuner to perform this work?
      Thanks in advance

    • Hello Batcave, Welcome in our forum. :0027:
      You find them in the CX5-Forum. Read this threed and write to user "Bigi1983", i think he can help you. ;)

      Gruß Axel

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    • Batcave schrieb:

      Can you chiptune this engine to more power?
      Hi Batcave,

      ... my personal opinion: As this is a natural aspirated engine, not a Turbo charged one, chip tuning might not deliver the desired outcome. It needs much more effort to really make a difference.
      Just take a look what Mazda has (technically) invested to uplift the G160 to G184 in the wonderful MX-5 ND. That was way more than chip tuning...
      I am not saying that chip tuning does not work with SkyActive engines, but it will bring you only half way to success.
      Just my 2 Cents...

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    • Hi all,
      Well - I was explained that the engine that I have (2.0 Skyactive 121bhp) is identical to the 2.0 running 150bhp, just with different engine settings.
      Therefore a rework of the engine management programe where a removal of the restrictions would release the true potential of the engine which is around the 165-175bhp mark. This was reported to me by several chip tuners in Denmark.
      Only problem - the new facelifted version that I have is using a different computer box than the "old" pre facelift version and therefore needs a new approach to download the program. And this we can't figure out......
      So what I am asking for, is advice on how or who can solve this problem....

    • Hello @Batcave

      Mavericks recommendation is absolutely ok. Get in touch to Bigi. As far as I know the G120/121 is exactly the same engine like the G165. Crank shaft, bearings, pistons etc. are identically. There is no need for a tuning, the engine control unit just have to be unlimited by a new code. Afterwords you drive a completely different car. The difference to the old coding starts beyond 3000 rpm
      Approx. 2 times a year are CX-5 meetings near Rostock. Normally a guy, who is close to Bigi, takes part and is able to support you...

      Good luck

      Oldschool :0005:

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    • Hi @Lu Yeah, hi @Oldschool,

      many thanks for clarification, makes sense.
      I wasn't thinking of that and the fact that the G165 / G150 engine exactly is the same as our G121, just with another software and setting.
      I was just thinking more generally in terms of naturally aspirated and Turbo charged.

      @Batcave, so give it a try and I am sure you will have a lot of fun! :)

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    • <p>
      Hi - yes, Bigi and I is in contact.
      Right now we are trying to figure out which CPU the facelifted 2.0 Skyactive is using and if Bigi is able to access this. The risk is that Mazda have tried to block the CPU from any remapping but hopes are high and we will try and see if we can’t find a solution.